➢   On 5 November 2001, the UN General Assembly declared 6th November of each year as the International Day for

Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict (A/RES/56/4).

  1. The National Cancer Awareness Day is observed annually in India on 7th November.


➢   The day coincides with the birth anniversary of scientist Marie Curie (Marie Skłodowska Curie), winner of the

1903 Nobel Prize in Physics

New Appointments

  1. Alberto Fernandez won the presidential election in — Argentina.


➢   Fernandez, a 60-year-old law professor, got 47.36 percent votes crossing the threshold for outright victory.

  1. Prime Minister of Lebanon has resigned from the portfolio amid anti-government protests — Saad Hariri.


➢   He resigned bowing to one of the central demands of anti-government demonstrators shortly after baton-wielding

Hezbollah supporters rampaged through the main protest camp in Beirut.

  1. The Government of India notified the appointment of new Chief Justices to the High Courts of  Madras, Madhya

Pradesh, and Patna. Note:

➢   Patna High Court’s Chief Justice Amreshwar Pratap Sahi has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of the Madras

High Court.

➢   Meghalaya High Court’s Chief Justice AK Mittal has been appointed the next Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh

High Court.

➢   Tripura High Court’s Chief Justice Sanjay Karol has been appointed the next Chief Justice of the Patna High Court, to fill the vacancy left behind in view of Chief Justice Sahi’s transfer to Madras.

➢   The judges in various High Courts are appointed and transferred by the President of India under Article 222 of the

Constitution of India

  1. Who took charge as the new Ambassador to UAE Pavan Kapoor.

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