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Not Judge Things Too Quickly

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Do you judge people too quickly? Here’s what you should do to avoid that

Do you judge people too quickly? Here’s what you should do to avoid that (representational image)

Let’s face it—no one is perfect. And no one likes being judged for their drawbacks. However, the world is full of people who enjoy pointing fingers at the small petty flaws we would like to avoid. While a few people wouldn’t think twice before judging someone else, others would do it silently. Let’s consider a few points to help us cure this habit of passing a judgment quickly:

Consider the adverse effect it has on the other person
If you have watched the movie English Vinglish, you could easily understand how Sridevi became a victim of the judgmental habits of her husband and children. It almost made her lose confidence and there were days she struggled to face people. When you pass a wrong judgment on a person, it would do him or her irreparable damage. Sometimes that damage might be so deep that it can almost impair a person for a lifetime.

Try to understand people better and relate to their situation 

Have you ever wondered how the people you often scrutinize lead their life? Don’t they have enough trouble every day that you are trying to burden them with more? Before you judge a person for his or her slowness, have you ever tried to know whether the person might be suffering from some mental or physical ailment. Before you call a person rude because he or she ignored you in office, try sparing a thought about what the person might be going through—maybe, he or she had a fight with someone before leaving home and is troubled by that incident. Everyone has flaws and there is a reason behind every flaw. Be considerate and kind before you pass a comment on a person.

Practice mindfulness

A lot of time we judge people without even thinking twice before doing it. Passing a judgment becomes a habit and sometimes, almost a hobby. The best way to avoid doing that is by practicing mindfulness, which is about paying attention to the present moment. When you feel that you are about to judge a person, take a deep breath and feel your surroundings. Try to listen to the sounds surrounding you, look at the colors and feel the air. As you focus on your present moment, it will break the chain of your judgmental thoughts.

Keep a journal to record your thoughts

Interestingly, many people do not realize that they are passing judgment because they often forget about it. The best way to keep a track of this habit is by recording your thoughts in a journal. Every time you think something like, ‘I often see her coming home with different guys. She must be a big-time flirt’ or ‘He is so rude. No wonder his wife left him!’-write these down on a journal. You will be surprised to see that you pass such judgments on people without even thinking. This habit will make you realize your mistakes and help you mend your ways.

article source: TOI

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