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1. SBI launched digital banking app YONO in UK

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched its digital banking app YONO in the UK, marking its global launch. SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar unveiled the app at an exclusive event hosted in coordination with the UK India Business Council.

2. Rajasthan launches ‘Jan Soochna Portal’

Rajasthan government launched the ‘Jan Soochna Portal’ for quick access to information on government departments. Rajasthan becomes the first state in the country to provide information about a dozen departments on a single platform.

3. Delhi High Court launches its own official smartphone app

The Delhi High Court launched an official mobile application called “Delhi High Court” for providing digital access of its services to everyone. The app can be used to view the Display Board of the High Court as well as the Supreme Court.

4. Delhi Police launches app ‘Tatpar’ for citizens

Delhi Police has launched a newly integrated one-touch mobile app ‘Tatpar’ to provide safety & a convenient online mode on 24×7 basis to its citizen. With this app, people can share information to police about a suspicious vehicle or person or of a crime

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News: Others
1. Bank of Baroda launches agri digital platform

Bank of Baroda launched its agri digital platform . It can be accessed on mobiles by farmers. The portal will cater to the services including weather forecasts, crop conditions, the moisture levels of the soil, information on crop worms etc.

2. Uttar Pradesh Launches “C-Plan” App to Aid Community Policing

Uttar Pradesh Police has launched a ‘C-Plan’ smartphone application that will help them keep a tab on anti-social elements to counter their nefarious designs in time. The app will help police be informed of the simmering communal tensions and help them verify the received information.

Quick Revision
App/Portal/Platform Launched By
Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan
C-Plan Uttar Pradesh Police
Delhi High Court (app) Delhi High Court
Baroda Kisan Bank of Baroda

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