Relationship of Humanity – A Motivational Story

Relationship of Humanity – A Motivational Story | I got up from the bed, and suddenly my chest started hurting. Do I have a heart problem? With such thoughts in mind, I went to the living room next door. I saw that my whole family was busy on their mobile phones.

सीख – A Motivational Story

सीख राजीव अपनी दुकान पर बैठा अखबार पढ़ रहा था। तभी एक नौजवान ने आकर उससे पूछा, क्या आपके यहां से एक कॉल हो जाएगी? राजीव ने कहा, जरूर, वह रहा फोन, बस दो रुपये छुट्टे देना। नौजवान ने फोन उठाया और किसी से बात करने लगा। वह बोला, जी मुझे आपका नंबर एक दोस्त …

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How a mistake led to the Nobel Prizes!

Alfred Nobel was a very wealthy and successful man. He had become an expert in chemistry and invented three of the most commonly used explosives in the world – dynamite, gelignite (used in mining) and ballistite, which is still used as a rocket propellant today.